Amy Williams was born and raised in Avondale AZ and was in various customer service careers from a young age. She moved to Ar. In May 2004 to be closer to her parents, a few months later she had a son who is now in high school. Amy also has a daughter who is already an adult. Since moving to Ar. Amy continued in customer service until 2014 when she took a position at Remington Arms, where she met her husband. They were married in 2016. In January of 2015, Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. After many chemo sessions, and many surgeries Amy has decided to open a new chapter in her book! 

There have been so many times in my life and especially on those days that were the hardest, that many different people were there when I really needed them!! 
I truly believe in paying it forward. I also truly believe that God opened every door that led me to Keller Williams so that I can be of service to everyone that is sent my way!!